Perfect relaxation on the Baltic coast

Roze Hotel Group


ROZE HOTEL GROUP is the hotel and apartment network located in Latvian seaside resort town  Liepaja, that have been carrying out its activity for over 6 years. Several 4-star hotels and apartment-type hotels are offered in the heart of Liepaja – in the seaside park, which is a few steps away from the beach, or in the very center of the city. In 2023, three more luxury suite hotels were opened. All hotels, thanks to the excellent location in the city, thoughtful style and design, as well as the offered additional services, are perfect for business customers, leisure tourists, and families with children.

ROZE HOTEL GROUP chain consists of the following:

  • 4-star hotel – Roze Boutique Hotel
  • 4- star hotel – Roze Villa
  • 4-star apartment hotel – Roze Peldu Residence
  • 4 star apartment hotel – Roze Boutique Apartments
  • A brand new 4-star apartment hotel – Roze Kūrmājas Residence
  • A brand new 4-star apartment hotel – Roze Center Apartments
  • Apartment hotel – Roze Brīvzemnieka Apartments
  • Apartment hotel – Roze Republikas Apartments
  • Hotel – Roze Park Rooms
  • Guest houses – Roze Guest Houses Sklandas
  • A brand new hotel – Roze Village Jūrnieka Ligzda
The wooden building ROZE PELDU RESIDENCE was built in 1870, which used to be called the Villa of Lazar Rostovsky. It was designed by architect Paul Max Berchi.

Our history

ROZE HOTEL GROUP hotels are located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Liepaja. These are unique and historical wooden houses in the Liepaja seaside park area or in the very center of the city. All facades, windows, doors and other building details have been preserved or rebuilt according to the historical form. Each of the hotels has its own different design. In the interior of the hotels, you will find classics with beautiful wooden furniture, rich textiles and luxurious wallpaper patterns. A special atmosphere will be provided by the preserved ceiling and wall paintings, wooden stairs, balconies, as well as stained glass windows. The new hotels feature contemporary and modern interiors based on straight lines and minimalism. It is complemented by restrained and elegant textiles, high ceilings and beautiful panoramic windows. Each of the ROZE HOTEL GROUP hotels has its own story and its own special atmosphere. Each hotel is like a unique work of art, where the architect’s handwriting appears in every thoughtful detail.

You are welcome to enjoy the special atmosphere of the ROZE HOTEL GROUP hotels, which is complemented by the beautiful hotel gardens and the restaurants located in them with spacious summer terraces.

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